We’re Moving!

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Our Move!

It is with great excitement (and some sadness) that we announce that Harvest Kitchen moved from Depot Town at the end of March 2017.  It’s been an amazing six years and we are very grateful to the Ypsilanti community for all your support.  We are excited about the next phase of Harvest Kitchen at our new location, the Washtenaw Food Hub, which is on the west side of Ann Arbor.

At the Food Hub we are focusing our business on production–we do not have a storefront or opening hours.  We miss seeing all of our Ypsilanti regulars, but we are working hard to ensure that you can still enjoy our food.  Read on for more details!  Please be sure that you’ve signed up for our email list to receive notifications of any changes to the plan/schedule.  There is a tool on the right hand side of this page that allows you to sign up.

Customer Information

For most of our customers, things are staying mostly the same! The main change is that we now send out the upcoming menu on Sunday morning and you must place your order by 7 pm on Tuesday for pick up or delivery on Saturday or Monday.  More information about ordering deadlines and delivery schedule is available on our delivery page.

We really want to ensure that all our current customers continue to enjoy the fresh and delicious meals that you have become accustomed to. Please let us know if you have any questions about the new system by emailing us at info@harvest-kitchen.com or calling our NEW phone number, 734-436-1052

Background Information: What’s Next for Depot Town and for Harvest Kitchen

Why is this happening???? Well, after many years we have come to realize that much as we love seeing all of our Ypsilanti regulars, the walk-in retail side of our business is not the main thing we’re doing, and it’s expensive to operate the store (including rent and staff time).  We are working on “right-sizing” our operation to ensure that Harvest Kitchen can continue to grow and thrive in years to come.  The opportunity to work at the Washtenaw Food Hub is a huge boon to Harvest Kitchen–the Food Hub is designed to be a central aggregation point for local farmers and food producers.  They have lovely production-oriented kitchen facilities with plenty of storage.  In fact, Harvest Kitchen already stores some of our frozen produce at the Hub, and many of our farmer-partners use the Hub for storage and deliveries too! It’s going to be very convenient and we’re extremely happy to be part of this space whose mission is so parallel with ours.  Here’s to good things to come!

As for our old home in Depot Town, it is going to become part of Maiz! We love Maiz and their awesome Taco Tuesdays and Margaritas, so we’re excited to know that they’re expanding to serve more customers.  We’ve had several great conversations with Maiz’s owner, Jason Branham, and we’re excited about his plans.  It’s not yet clear exactly how the space is going to be integrated into Maiz, but we wish them well.  32 E Cross St has been a very happy home to Harvest Kitchen and we’re excited for the next phase in its 100+ year history.

Thanks again for being great customers and for all your support over the years.

Mary and the HK team


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