From Our Farm to Your Table

Harvest Kitchen has a deep collaboration and sourcing partnership with Tantre Farm in Chelsea, Michigan inspiring seasonal and delicious chef driven menus that care for people and the planet.

We Are Your Kitchen

Because you are busy and good food matters…Harvest Kitchen makes it easy and convenient for you to eat well. We source, prepare, create & deliver exceptional dishes to your door every week.

Our flexible, delicious meal options are designed to accommodate your lifestyle, and dietary preferences.

Choose a 4, 7, or 12 dish per week base meal plan or custom design your own plan from our locally-inspired menus that feature breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Nourish a loved one with a Harvest Kitchen gift card, meal plan, or student semester card. 

How it all works

School and Business Food Service

Harvest Kitchen can bring delicious farm to table meals to Schools and Businesses. We custom design menus and meal plans according to the individual needs of each enterprise.  Please contact us for a consultation.

Special event and private function food service

Harvest Kitchen will make your event or function truly memorable with our award-winning chef driven menus and rustic farm to table aesthetic. Please contact us for a consultation.


Magdiale Wolmark

Magdiale Wolmark, the visionary behind Harvest Kitchen, is a 2 time James Beard Award semi finalist and is considered a pioneer in the Midwest locavore movement. Since 2000 his restaurants and food service businesses have operated with uncompromising and rigorous sourcing standards, focusing on supporting local farms. As an aspiring competitive athlete Magdiale developed insight into the effects of diet on physical and mental performance. A Silver Medalist in Tai Chi in the Beijing World Martial Arts Olympics, he has woven his love of good food and social gathering with his sensitivity to healthy cooking.

A trained horticulturalist with certification in biodynamic gardening, Magdiale maintained an on site kitchen garden at his acclaimed restaurants.

He believes
1. That good ingredients come from good local farms.
2. That good healthy food can only be made with good ingredients. 

3. That ultimately a healthy community is reliant on the health and well being of each individual.

Magdiale has compiled significant experience with food allergies, and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free diets. His style is vegetable focused, showcasing the delicious and nutritious qualities of plants, and adding grass fed locally sourced meats, grains, dairy and eggs to dishes as a wonderful compliment.

Emily Green

Emily Green is the Kitchen Manager at Harvest Kitchen. Emily grew up on the outskirts of of South Lyon, where her rustic roots sparked her love of local food. As a child growing up in Michigan she enjoyed morel picking in the spring, cooking lunches for her neighborhood friends’ and flying around on the back of a four wheeler.. Emily graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts from the prestigious School Craft Cooking School and has since honed her skills at Fleming's Steak House and Wine Bar and the Detroit Athletic Club. She has an artistic eye for presentation delicate hand at baking, and relishes the opportunity to contrast bold flavors. She is committed to establishing and maintaining long lasting relationships within the local food community by supporting local farms and artisan producers through seasonal inspired cooking.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from your prepared meals and menus?

Our prepared meals are complete fully prepared meals that typically include a protein component, grain, and vegetable. They are designed by trained chefs who value taste, visual appeal, flavor, and texture contrasts.

Other offerings on our weekly menu include family style side dishes, hearty soups, seasonal quiches, pot pies, lasagna and whole roasted organic chickens. An ‘add on’ section on the menu includes several sweets and snacks.

Should I choose a base plan or custom design my own meal plan meal every week?

It’s all about flexibility and what works best for you.  We suggest 3 entry level base meal plans of 4, 7, and 12 meals per week.   We think that’s a great place to start depending on your circumstances and how many people you would like to feed.  

4 meals may be a good fit for one person or someone looking to supplement their diet with a few great meals for the week. 7 meals could accommodate 2 people for a few days or nourish one person for most of the week. 12 meals might be great for a small family or for nourishing one or 2 people all week.

Or you can order any number of meals per week and skip or pause your weekly order at any time.

What items should I choose for my plan?

What looks good to you on the weekly menu? Think about your lifestyle and food needs for the week. Do you require breakfasts, lunches, or dinners?  How many of each meal do you need? Do you enjoy lots of vegetables or more meaty entrees? Do you need to avoid gluten or have some other dietary preference?

For instance; Choose a quiche and composed salad with dressing for breakfast or lunch and then pick a couple of entrees for dinner.  Or choose a creative wrap and a pretty, layered shaker salad for a quick and convenient lunch and then a pot pie, lasagna, or whole chicken with some family style sides for dinner.  Use our ‘add-ons’ section to supplement and diversify your plan with some granola for breakfast and decadent but wholesome baked goods for dessert.

How do you recommend I reheat my meals?

We include reheating instructions with every meal, however reheating some meals may seem a little tricky to the inexperienced cook.  A few of our signature items like the chicken pot pie and quiche are delivered in a pie tin that can easily be placed in a 300 degree oven for slow reheating once the lid is removed. We recommend that you remove the item from the fridge 30 minutes before reheating and let stand at room temperature before placing in the oven.

Some of our items can be easily reheated on the stove top, in a pan, with the addition of chicken or vegetable stock, both of which we offer in our ‘add ons’ section. We package our meals so that each component can be easily removed for reheating.

We do not recommend using a microwave for reheating.

What kind of packaging does Harvest Kitchen use for their products?

We use plant-based biodegradable and compostable packaging for most of our products.

Who are Harvest Kitchen’s other local farm sources?

Harvest Kitchen is plugged into the local community. We source first from Michigan farms before looking outside the region for worthy organic produce, flours, grains, beans, sweeteners, and more.  Besides our primary local farm partner Tantre Farm, we support Goetz Farm, Garden Works, Frog Holler Farm, Black Oak Farm, Seeley Farm, Ann Arbor Seed Company, Calder Dairy, Eat Local Eat Natural, The Brinery, and many more other local growers and producers.

Where can I find Harvest Kitchen products?

You can find Harvest Kitchen products at both Argus Farm Stop locations, on 325 West Liberty St. and 1200 Packard St and at Whole Foods Market on 990 West Eisenhower Parkway.  You can find us every Saturday at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market at 315 Detroit Street in Kerrytown, stall #24, across from the Kerrytown shops, offering a great selection from our weekly menu and retail products.

How do I get the food I ordered?

You have the option of having your order delivered to your door or you can pick it up at one of our drop off locations. If you choose the home delivery option, we will deliver your order on Friday evening so that you receive your meals at the peak of freshness.  There is a delivery charge that depends on your location. If you can’t receive your order then we require that you place a cooler with an ice pack on your doorstep so the food remains cold. Because we want you to have fresh delicious food, we will never leave your food outside without a cooler to protect it. There is an additional delivery charge for a second delivery.

Or you can choose one of our pick up locations: either of the Argus Farm Stop locations, the Ann Arbor Farmer’s market on Saturday, or the Ypsilanti Food Co-op. We drop off orders on Friday evening to the Argus locations and the Co-op. There is a delivery charge for the Co-op drop off.